A letter from home.....

Hi Mom!


Hi Duni!


Hi Min!

While you've been gone, we traded Pearl for this guy. We call him "Chops" Just thought you'd like to meet him before you get home. By the way, when you pet him, don't leave your fingers where he can get at them!!!


But really... Just wanted to give the girls some idea what the boys were up to.....
We found one of these for Duni too...We're keeping him in Mom's bathtub.
  Just kickin' back with some tunes...

We Saw the Dead's original house in the Haight District when we were up in S.F. And I wasn't the only one taking pictures. They made some great music here.

We went to the Son's of Champlin Concert. It was awesome. The next morning we walked around and bought some stuff. Saw some pretty interesting people.

  A picture to warm a mother's heart.....



Dad took some pictures too. It wasn't very sunny, but it was beautiful. A perfect Northern California day. (Dad got his old camera fixed).

...And just in case Mom thought the boys were living among gangsters and thieves, here are the house rules while you are gone.... This edition of the rules has bee "edited" by visitors as the weeks have past. (The loss of "Jelly Bean" privileges is a worse punishment than death.)


We miss you ladies. Hurry home.

Love, The Boys.

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